ISM Industries is committed to helping all of our clients improve the productivity of their projects. This goal is in large part why we started our field services division to begin with. One of our core field services is planning and scheduling. Planning & scheduling in particular is key to improving and maintaining productivity for large industrial projects. Let’s take a look at how planning & scheduling accomplishes this.

Proper Planning & Scheduling Facilitate Coordination

Large-scale industrial projects have a huge number of moving parts with quite a few different parties involved from suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors to day-to-day employees, supervisors, and managers. In order to keep everything running smoothly it is imperative that all these different parties are coordinated with each other. For example workers may need to begin construction on part of a facility after a previous work crew has finished laying the foundation. This other work crew in turn may be waiting for a shipment of concrete. It is crucial that everyone be on the same page so that work can be completely efficiently and that is precisely what planning & scheduling facilitates.

Planning & Scheduling Establishes Benchmarks

Proper planning & scheduling will also typically establish benchmarks for success. Typically a large project will need to be broken down into smaller, more manageable steps and phases with major benchmarks along the way. Proper planning & scheduling creates a metric by which to measure progress, which in turn is an easy, effective way for project managers to see whether or not they need to step up activity to catch up to missed benchmarks, or how best they can capitalize on any advantage.

Planning & Scheduling Helps Better Manage Resources

Another crucial element of planning & scheduling that is directly linked to productivity is resource management. A project may have a limited budget, limited labor pool, or other fixed resource that needs to be very closely monitored and accounted for. Project management rises to this occasion, allowing resources to be deployed in the most effective way possible, thereby boosting productivity and keeping the project on track.

Obstacles Are Easier to Overcome with Planning & Scheduling

Let’s face it, even the best laid plans occasionally go awry or suffer setbacks. Fortunately, with effective planning & scheduling these setback are truly just that: temporary setbacks, not project destroyers. Effective planning & scheduling allows a project to overcome obstacles by remaining flexible and creating contingency plans. Effective planning & scheduling also helps to sooner identify problems, when they are still easier to correct. Finally, good planning and scheduling provides the bigger picture of the project as a whole, allowing project managers to redeploy energy and resources where needed to overcome a setback.

ISM Industries is proud to offer high quality planning & scheduling services that are aimed at improving productivity for our clients. We have the experience and resources necessary to provide dedicated, organized planning & scheduling services that are in line with client priorities and goals. Let us help you make your next industrial project more productive with outstanding planning & scheduling services.