About Us Img ISM Industries works directly with industrial clients including those in the oil and gas, refining, chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, and storage and compression sectors. While these different clients have very diverse industrial needs one major thing that unites them all is an overwhelming emphasis on safety.

Safety is a core priority for all day-to-day operations, turnarounds, fabrication projects, maintenance and repair tasks, and construction undertakings that our industrial clients are involved in. That is because these companies work with volatile compounds and heavy machinery in high pressure, high heat environments. Even a single safety misstep can easily result in disaster. ISM Industries understands the gravity of this situation and responds by likewise making safety our top priority and unwavering commitment.

We meticulously follow all industry safety standards and carefully observe all OSHA regulations. We also work closely with clients to understand all safety procedures and programs they have in place and to diligently observe them every time we are on the premises or working offsite on their equipment and materials. We routinely perform job safety analyses and job hazard analyses and are careful to ensure that all workers, technicians, and supervisors are fully versed on safety protocols.

ISM Industries also rigorously tests everything we fabricate to ensure that it is strong, safe, durable, and secure. When working on structural steel units and high pressure vessels this is must. Every weld we make or screw we bolt is with an eye toward ensuring that the finished product is completely safe for our clients. From routine maintenance and repairs to full-scale turnarounds and construction projects our clients can count on ISM Industries for a 100% safe fabrication and field service experience.