Quality Fabrication

From sheet metal to structural steel and pipe spool fabrication, ISM Industries provides quality fabrication you can count on.

Dedicated Project Management

Our dedicated, experienced project management team ensures that every project, big or small, remains on time and on budget.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Our skilled maintenance team provides comprehensive service and repair on industrial machinery and equipment.

Efficient Construction

ISM Industries delivers efficient, top quality construction, aimed at getting a facility or project up and running quickly and safely.

Oil & Gas

With locations in Houston and Vidor Texas, ISM Industries is centrally positioned in the Gulf Coast region to provide industrial services to the area’s bustling oil & gas, refining, and energy sector.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Our clients provide chemical feedstock and products pivotal to the American way of life while ISM Industries supports this mission with fabrication, construction, and maintenance.

Pulp & Paper

Our nation’s massive pulp & paper service requires consistent, safe, high quality fabrication and field services to remain productive and competitive. ISM Industries provides that.


ISM Industries always makes safety our top priority. We meticulously follow all industry safety standards and carefully observe all OSHA regulations and client safety programs. Our clients can count on us for a safe fabrication and field service experience.


Exacting quality is a must in the industrial sector since it can mean the difference between a productive, efficient facility and one that falls victim to frequent outages and shortfalls. Our dedication to quality is embodied in everything we work on.


What sets ISM Industries apart from competitors in the fabrication and industrial services market is responsiveness. Each project is approached with a capable staff from front-end loading through project completion in an effort to facilitate a successful project.